KVINFOOD, a limited liability company, has as its main objective the production of high quality, competitive products that meet the ever-increasing demands of our customers and allow it to occupy a leading position in both domestic and foreign markets.

Achievement of the set goal on manufacture of production of high quality production is provided:

  • Introduction of quality and safety management systems meeting the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2015, STB ISO 22000-2006
  • Establishing mutually beneficial and long-term relations with suppliers, ensuring clear and uninterrupted supplies of raw materials and supplies for production;
  • Observance of territorial and price policy in order to protect the economic interests of our partners;
  • Research and analysis of our sales markets, knowledge of potential competitors;
  • Performance by each employee of the organization of the work professionally and responsibly;
  • Clear distribution of responsibility and authority at all stages of production and management;
  • Realisation of constant activity on development of new kinds of production and expansion of its assortment;
  • Constant tracing of achievements of a science and technics and their maximum realisation in the manufacture;
  • Improvement of labor organization, increase of professionalism of our personnel and their welfare;

Kvinfood produces canned meat in four categories:

Grodfood products are sold in Belarus, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Israel, Turkmenistan, Armenia and South Korea. And every year it expands its presence in new and existing territories to the maximum extent possible.